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YES, it’s a movie! The world premiere of Paint It Black the Movie has been announced, and at last, I’m allowed to talk about it!  It will debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival, held June 1-9, our screening on June 3, with individual tickets going on sale May 10. What a long strange trip it’s been. Amber (Tamblyn, the director) and her writing partner Ed Dougherty reminded me that they’d started writing their screenplay in 2009.  And now it’s set to see the light of day–or at least the projector–seven years later.

What a tumble of changes it–and we–have been through since I heard that Amber Tamblyn wanted to option my novel.  The actress?  Yes, and she was poet too, something I didn’t know about her.  I just remembered Joan of Arcadia.

That first night we sat down at a tiki bar in L.A., we’d been brought together by…

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Faith in the Unknown

I just wanted to quickly check my bank balance, to make sure I could buy lunch, and maybe a couple of White shirts to wear for interviews. I have one coming up next week, and with a haircut and a new shirt, I’ll look the part and hopefully ace it. It’s all a matter of confidence with me. Confident enough to not come off as arrogant. Confident enough to be relaxed but not uninterested. Or uninteresting fir that matter.
So I checked my balance. Uh-oh! What the…? I found out that I have six bucks to my name, with a $50 refund coming for a cancelled purchase I made by mistake. So that’s one more tank of gas. And maybe a few meals worth of groceries. If I don’t buy the shirt.
Every month for the past, I don’t know, eight maybe (?) I have had no idea where my next month’s rent was coming from, and somehow I’ve managed to find it from somewhere. I’ve had help from friends – kind loans, help with occasional paying gigs, etc. I’ve sold massages and items on craigslist, worked part time for minimum wage. I’ve also had a couple if nice and timely payouts to help temporarily rescue my finances and allow me to send occasional child support. None of this are on the horizon, at least not that I can see, in the next two weeks. I need a full-time, properly paying job, and I need it now.
I understand all too well the danger of putting all your eggs in one employment basket, relying on “a good feeling” about a lead or an upcoming interview, or even one you think you knocked out of the park, so I’m not gonna assume I’ll get the job on Tuesday. Have to say though, I really, really need it.
Plus about a thousand bucks.
I’ve made it work so far…so I gotta have faith…

…and confidence.

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Bye Woodland Hills, Hi Coldwater

I’ve moved so many times you’d think it’d be easy. Not so. It always takes more trips than you think.

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LA Weather

Gotta love these 90° LA March days! Yummy.

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Rent, Food, Broke

I’ve gotta move, and though I thought it was not gonna be until the 10th of April, I’ve got an offer to rent my present room out starting tomorrow, so now I gotta start packing and be ready to go tomorrow!
On the job front, I’m still trying to make money selling print and design, but really really trying to land a restaurant management job. Help! Need income!
Actually, just want to sit on the patio at the Harte and drink Smithwick’s, but I’ve got to get this done.
Go do it, Ian!

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Is it?

Is it all as simple as this?

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